Y’all know what a big book club enthusiast I am. Seriously, one of the best things about my social life since I started creating and joining book clubs in my mid 20’s. At one time I was juggling three in-person book clubs because I was extremely into being part of them — before you know, I had a child and can only juggle one now.

One of my favorite -yet most intimidating things -in life is picking book club selections for the many books clubs I’ve run or been apart of. A book club book can really make or break the meeting and sometimes it’s hard to juggle what everyone’s already read, making sure the book is easy to find, it will generate enough to talk about, etc.

I’ve been part of many book clubs, in different stages of my life, that have read very different types of books and I have enjoyed reading a variety of different books — some I might not have ever picked up but am glad I did. Every book club has also been different in HOW we select our books. But there’s always so much pressure (and thrill!) whenever it was my turn or it was time to pull together selections as a group.

I want to help you make that selection process easier for you with some suggestions of great book club books — newer and backlist faves — that will get your book club talking this year. These are ones I’ve either had great success with in my book clubs or books I thought “I wish I read this with my book club!”

So whether you are looking for book club suggestions in 2023 that will lead into a riveting discussion or just need a book to talk about for 10 minutes to keep the masquerade that your gathering is a book club (hey some of my favorite book clubs have been that!), I’ve got you!

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Good Book Club Books To Read With Your Book Club In 2023

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Popular Book Club Picks Worth Reading

These are the book club reads that are tried and true book club favorites that I think are definitely worth the read if your book club hasn’t gotten to them yet. Perfect for book clubs who are more casual readers or new-to-reading and maybe haven’t read all the popular book club reads.

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2023 Releases I Think Will Be Book Club Material

If your group loves discussing the latest and greatest books here are the 2023 book releases I think will be good book club selections. Check out my 2023 most anticipated book releases list for more ideas.

Books That Generate Discussion About Social Issues

There are just those books that will REALLY get you talking either because they are hot button issues, controversial topics or social issues in the forefront of society. These are the ones, in my experience, have really elicited a TON to talk about.

Polarizing Book Club Reads

I have to be honest — I love a book club pick that polarizes a little bit because even the quieter members have opinions to be shared!

Book Club Picks That Your Group Might Not Have Read Already

If you have a hard time finding a book your book club hasn’t all read because they are extremely well-read, maybe these picks will give you some inspiration for book club suggestions.

Light-hearted Book Club Picks

Especially this past year I feel like a lot of book clubs are looking for some light and easy reads! As someone who tends to reach for darker/sad/depressing/heavy books, this has always been a challenge for me to balance out with some light reads that still have stuff to talk about or will generate interesting conversations from them.

Luckily, as I’ve expanded my own book club repertoire thanks to my current book club’s preference for book club material, I’ve got some great choices that will still give you more to say than “well that was fun or nice” and some vague conversation about liking the characters or not.

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Mystery/Thriller Book Club Books

My current book club is big on thrillers! I think it’s so fun to talk about the big twists and turns of mysteries and thrillers during book club. We’ve had some duds where we haven’t had much to talk about after we talk about the plot-twists so I want to help you avoid that, too, with books that will give you plenty to talk about while still either being a can’t-put-down-thriller or a perfectly plotted mystery.

For even more thrillers, check out this book full of this year’s must-read new thrillers.

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Historical Fiction Book Club Picks

I know some people hear historical fiction and go running for the hills expecting all sad and depressing WW2 novels (and boy do I truly love those) but I promise that’s not what is going on here. A variety of selections set in different time periods and varying levels of sad haha. Some really good stories here not to be missed and will give great discussion!

Literary Fiction Book Club Picks

General Contemporary Fiction /Women’s Fiction Book Club Selections

Non-Fiction Book Club Picks

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Fantasy/Science Fiction Book Club Picks

Young Adult Book Club Picks

Does your group love young adult books? I am personally a huge fan whether you are a teen or not so YA anymore!

If you love young adult books, check out my most anticipated YA books of 2021!

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What books have you read that would make a great pick for a book group? What books have been a hit with YOUR book club or have brought some lively discussions? Would love to know!

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